Personal: Christmas 2013

Hopefully never too late for some good old christmas family pictures! It's two weeks ago, but since I haven't blogged in that period I decided to show you my christmas today.

Let me first explain that we have 2 days of christmas in the Netherlands. Ofcourse, as like in any other country we celebrate the 1st day of christmas on the 25th and afterwards we have -ofcourse- the 2nd day of christmas (your boxing day). It's usually the day we spend at our 'other' family, the inlaws. So I went to my boyfriends family in Soest for the first day of christmas and we enjoyed an afternoon filled with games, wines, food and lots of fun.

We had a lovely diner which was very well prepared by my boyfriend and his family. He's a real good cook! There was so much food, I looked pregnant after the 4 courses! Haha! We spend the night at his mothers house and drove to my mom the next day.

So at my mum's we had a 'gourmet' diner, basically: you prepare your own meat. It was delicous and again lots of fun. I gained at least 2kgs these past two days! Haha! But it's so worth it! It's good to spend the days with the ones you love! Anyway, I hope you like all the pictures! I hope your christmas was a lot of fun too! How did you spend your christmas days?

My boyfriends christmas tree which I decorated *proud*

Josianne said...

Wat zijn jullie toch een mooi stel samen! En de kerstboom ziet er prachtig uit :)

Jouvence said...

mooie foto's xx

Christeen Cereno said...

Awesome day for you :) wish you more this 2014 and beyond!

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

amazing photos! :)

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Fransisca Angela said...

I came across to your blog from your amazing trip to Pai and so glad I did. Anyway too bad pictures from many posts are missing :(

Happy New Year and greetings from Indonesia!

Virginie said...

This post is lovely! It seems you spent great days with your beloved people! I had amazing days with my family too!
xxx Virginie