Personal: Happy new year!

Hi dear all,

After a short holiday break I'm back in to the blogging business and ready for a new year filled with new posts and lots of fashion and traveling!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a delightful newyears eve. Did you spend it with the ones you love, and maybe even abroad? We spend christmas with both of our families and during newyears eve we were together in Utrecht. My boyfriends reserve duty is starting today at 5AM so he wasn't able to drink a glass of champagne with me at midnight, but the evening and night was still a lot of fun. And unfortunately during this afternoon they called him out for a 5 day trip. So I'm alone again, boo! :(

But oh well, a new year means new resolutions so lets start!

1. Exercise
Santa (errr... the boyfriend actually) spoiled me with brand new workout/running gear from Nike, so I will use this on a very frequent base this new year! As the previous years, I'm planning on getting 'fit' (more toned actually) and back in shape. Not that I'm a fatty, but I don't have a lot of visible muscles and that should change! Besides that, I think it's good to spend some time outside in the nature running around instead of in the shops. I have made a work out board on pinterest, please click here for some fitsporation! :)

2. Eat clean
Remember the good old days where I ate super clean? I named this resolution the FMB challenge and it lasted for no longer than two months. But it was a delightful period with a lot of fruit, vegetables and healthy smoothies and I felt so good and energetic during the challenge! And eating clean will also mean skipping my daily dose of redbull. I'm on one can each day (I'm an addict) and I need to stop. It's very addictive but very bad! :( I also made a board on pinterest for my own motivation as well as yours so please feel free to check out my Clean Eating board :)

3. Spend less
Spending less money, to make things clear ;) As you all know, I love to shop. Since I like cheap things, I buy a lot. And when you buy a lot cheap things, it still can be expensive. I want to be out of debt by the end of the year and this can only be done by spending less money. Also, I might go for more 'quality' in stead of 'quantity'. This is going to be a hard one...

4. Enjoy more, complain less
During these dark and short days it's easy to get dragged down into a bad mood. Bright sunny winter days with lots of snow actually DO make me happy, but in the Netherlands most days are grey and rainy. So I need to cheer up and think positively. Enjoy the little things and relax a bit more! I have worked extremely hard the last couple of months and looking back on it I really need to take some 'me' time and not rush into all different things.

5. Blog more often
The last year has been an amazing one. It was filled with love, joy, happiness and... lots of blogging! But the last two months, when my roster from work was really heavy, the blog was -unfortunately- a little bit forgotten and neglected. Too bad, since it's one of the things I enjoy so much and it's making me very happy. But it takes up a lot of precious time, so I need to reschedule things in order to keep the blog alive. But I do promise more frequent posts in the near future, eventhough it will not be on an everyday base. I'm thinking (and still planning) on making a new post once every two days. What do you think about that? And do you have more tips for me to improve my blog, make things more interesting or fun? I would love to hear your opinion!

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Happy New Year :)

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happy new year!!!

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Happy New Year :)
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