Ice, Ice baby!

The snow already disappeared almost a week ago in the Netherlands, but since I make my posts in advance, I had to show you the beauty of the Netherlands when it's covered in snow and ice... We're funny peeps, Dutchies I mean: we love cycling and... ice skating! As soon as it starts freezing, we're all getting a bit nervous. Will the ice be thick enough to skate? And as soon as it's thick enough, all the dutchies get their skates and go out into the fields, canals and lakes for hours of ice skating fun combined with 'koek and zoopie' (cookies and warm drinks).

Anyway, my friend and I went to the beautiful 'Vondelpark' in Amsterdam to skate, but unfortunately the ice was not thick enough. So we went to the famous 'Jaap Eden' skate track, which is also located in Amsterdam as well. We did quite a few rounds. My friend is actually pretty good on the skates, while I am... NOT. I learned skating at the age of 4 and did it almost every winter, but I am still not good. It's not my talent, but I enjoy it alot! Here are my pictures! Hope you enjoy.

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Fashionista Chloƫ said...

Super leuke foto s!Bedankt voor de reactie op mijn blog!

Arletta said...

Leuke foto;s zeg! ik wou dat ik kon schaatsen!

Pardon My Fashion said...

Ah the snow is so beautiful! I just wanna jump in.


Fashiontornado said...

Wat een leuke foto´s!!

Wendy said...

Hele leuke foto's chick!!
Ja de collectie van Nikkie vond het echt geweldig. Baalde zo dat ik die kaartjes niet heb gewonnen :(. Hopelijk wordt ik alsnog uitgenodigd, maar ben bang van niet.

Vond het ook heel leuk om jou te ontmoeten, hopelijk zie ik je snel op de volgende event!

Ja die goodiebag was mega, hihi. Trouwens ik heb een leuke giveaway zou leuk zijn als je meedoet.

Rowan. said...

Leuke foto's zeg! Tof dat je bent wezen schaatsen toen het nog kon; is leuk! :) Liefs