Welcome spring weather!

Crazy things are happening in the Netherlands dear peeps... Today it was 15*C degrees in Amsterdam, insane! Last week it was freezing cold, and now it feels like spring has finally kicked in. It's about time!

And how this spring weather changes my mood so drastically. I'm happy, I feel energized (even without redbull, day 8 peeps, day 8!) and I want to be outside all day! I bought a lovely wooden basket for my bike and pimped it with some flowers. Can't wait to take it outside and show it off! Will show you soon :)

If felt really good today even without wearing a coat. When I take my coat off for the outfit pictures, I usually freeze my *ss off, red nose included. But today, no coat, no red nose! Yay!

Jeans: H&M // Top: Primark // Shoes: Zara // Sunnies: H&M // Necklace: Primark

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Anonymous said...

Great outfit!!!


Rozemarijn said...

Wauw wat zit je haar leuk! Tutorial? (a) xxx

Djuli said...

Gave ketting! x

sonia de macedo said...

Lovely outfit, hope the warmer weather holds up for you


mish berries said...

Hehehe great to know that the weather is turning nicer for you <3

Fabulous scenery and great shots as always ^^


Anonymous said...

Leuke fotos & wat heb je een mooie layout, lekker zomers!

Lisa Kouwenberg said...

Leuke foto's! En wat zit je haar prachtig :D

X lisa


Janne said...

Mooie foto's & outfit! Het weer deze 2 dagen is echt genieten :)

Djuli said...

Wat een leuke broek en armbandjes! Hele mooie outfit!

Nicole said...

Super leuke outfit! Ik vind je ketting echt mooi, heel leuk en fris kleurtje :)

Ammy said...

Haha! 15°C to me would be freezing! ;) Here in Singapore it is 31-34°C everyday! XD At night it's 28-30°C!