Make up: daily look

So here is a little beauty post, about my daily make up. After suffering from serious acn├ę for more than 5 years, I'm so happy that it finally cleared up! I use less make up and am confident enough to go outside without wearing any make up! But as a flight attendant, you do need a little bit of help when flying in a very bright airplane. No, airplanes and flying in general doesn't make you look amazing.

The routine
This is my normal every day make up look. When going out, I make it a little bit heavier and during the flight, I might add more eyeshadow. But when I go out to do my own personal things, this is what I look like. I use a moisturizing daycreme EVERY day and apply my foundation after a couple of minutes. Sometimes I use compact powder, but this is very rarely and I use compact powder mostly during the flight for 'touch ups'. After the foundation I apply a little bit of blush on my cheeks to look a little bit less pale.

The eyes I use a light brown/greyish eyeshadow without any eyeshadow base (I'm just a lazy #$@). Yes I only use one color eyeshadow and apply it all over my moving eyelid. Afterwards I use a dark grey/brown kohl pencil and wing it out a little bit. I apply mascara on my lashes and voila, almost done.

The overall look To finish the look, I use a light pink lipstick (I might use a darker one when I'm working). I have several lipsticks, but always use light pink shades or I use lipbalms or lipglosses. I don't do anything with my eyebrows, they are already there, nothing to do about it!

One: Maybelline FIT foundation 115
Two: Maybelline FIT compact powder 115
Three: Maybelline dream mouse in pink
Four: Etos light brown/greyish eyeshadow
Five: Catrice kohl pencil in dark brown
Six: Catrice lashes to kill mascara
Seven: Catrice lipstick in light pink

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JanM ♥ said...

I love that super simple look. I prefer that too for my everyday.


Gracy said...

you look amazing.
very natural
love it!

Chicks AboutFashion said...

Wauw, mooi!


Chicks About Fashion

Kyla said...

This is a beautiful, simple look! I've actually wondered for quite some time about that Dream Matte Mouse blush..I have pretty sensitive skin and was always wary of picking it up.

Mandy said...

Je bent echt heel mooi!

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mish berries said...

It's really simple yet nice. I really love natural looking make up as it tend to not look so harsh but simply brings out more of your bubbly personality <3


Veronique said...

Leuk om te zien! Het is natuurlijk, maar toch heel mooi. Prachtig :)

Janne said...

Je make-up zit heel mooi!

Anonymous said...
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Les is more said...

Leuk artikel babe! Leuk gedaan met die foto!